Tips How To Refurbish A Water Damaged Car

When water makes its way into a car’s systems, it causes a variety of issues that can render it useless or unsafe for use. This is especially the case with salt water damage. In case your car is flooded with salt water, just forget about it, because it simply cannot be repaired.

However, vehicles damaged by fresh water can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage. Follow the tips below to repair and refurbish your water damaged car.


The engine is one of the most important parts of any vehicle; water damage can cause all sorts of problems that may render it more or less dead. To check for water damage in the engine of a car that has been left to sit in water for an extended period, inspect the dipstick.

If you see any water droplets on the dipstick, you can be certain that water has made its way into your car’s engine. Remember to remove the spark plugs and check for signs of water on there as well.

It’s recommended that you replace the oil and oil filter before you even think about cranking the engine. Remember to check for water in the fuel tank; starting the engine with water in the fuel tank will get it deeper into the engine block and make your work that much harder.

If you start the engine and run it for a while, and find that the oil is cloudy after inspecting the dipstick once more, you still have water present.

Transmission And Wheels

Once you are done with the engine the next step is to inspect the transmission and wheels for any water damage. You can check the transmission’s dipstick for any signs of water. If you spot any water droplets, it’s recommended that you replace the transmission fluid and final drive lube before you attempt to tow the vehicle on its wheels.


If the water got into the cabin, all seats, interior panels and the carpet will have to be removed and aired out, or replaced in extreme situations. This is because mold is bound to set in soon, resulting in the production of highly unpleasant odors. This mold is especially common in states with moisture in the air. Mold removal in Houston is a lot more urgent than in places that are dry like Arizona.

The most daunting task when it comes to refurbishing water damaged cars is repairing the electrical system. Modern cars come with a highly complicated and sensitive electrical system. Any corrosion and/or rust can cause the system to fail on a regular basis. You might need the help of a qualified mechanic to get this system sorted; and even then, problems might crop up from time to time.